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Talented and enthusiastic educators

who make learning fun

All Taylor Andrews Academy team members are expected to keep learning. Our staff attends many additional educational events to keep progressing in the ever changing Beauty industry. Continuing education is the key to providing you with the most advanced education available.

Hair Dying Classes
Beauty School Continued Education St George
National Beauty Artists
Famous Beauty Hair Specialist

National Guest Artists

who make learning fun

Taylor Andrews Academy gives you the opportunity to hear and learn from the best National and Local artists the industry has to offer. Past guests have included Global Hairdresser of the Year Phillip Wilson, Faatemah Ampey, Geno Stampora (NAHA Hall of Leaders Inductee), and Chrystofer Benson (Matrix Global Artistic Director).


For a stylist or makeup artist, photographic work is one of the most effective ways to showcase your work and project your creativity to the public. At Taylor Andrews Academy you’ll have opportunities to work with world class photographers, building your reputation and expanding your portfolio.

Makeup For Photos
Photography Beauty School
Cosmetology Education Seminars
Cosmetology Graduation Classes

Trips and Events

Stay on top of your game with a fantastic event schedule that includes: optional trips to Long Beach and Las Vegas, and “Spy Games” an incredible team building experience.

Professional support

for your entire career

Taylor Andrews Academy students are having success from Los Angeles to New York City, and no matter what you goal. Taylor Andrews Academy is committed to assisting you in reaching your dreams! At Taylor Andrews Academy we believe “Once a student, always a student.” We remain committed to your success long after you have completed your coursework and received your diploma. The Taylor Andrews Academy staff will do everything possible to assist every student with career placement, regardless of the city or state in which they choose to practice their craft.

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Esthetics School Hair Academy

While no school can absolutely guarantee employment, we believe that Taylor Andrews Academy students who are motivated, serious, and ready to work will excel.

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